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Niccolo Paganini: World’s Greatest Violinist and Rumored Satanist

Italian Niccolo Paganini is branded as the greatest violinist of all time, given that no other soloist existed to hand the instrument close to how brilliant he does. Corresponding this excellence are numerous rumors about the source of his bewildering talent. He was regarded as the “devil’s son”, the “witch’s brat” and a devil worshipper. Succinctly, audiences thought that his soul was traded to the devil to carry out these supernatural violin techniques. Read More

Ferdinand Demara: An Identity Thief Who Took More Than Just Identity

Ferdinand Demara is known by a nickname that says a lot about his craft. He was called The Great Impostor. And he surely lives up to his name, as he is one of the most notorious identity thieves who ever lived. Using different identities stolen from different people, Demara had posted as a teacher,  a zoology graduate, a doctor of applied physics, a Pennsylvania dean,  both Trappist and Benedictine monks, an assistant warden at a Texas Prison, a civil engineer, a lawyer, and much, much more.

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