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Alexander I of Yugoslavia and Tuesdays

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I would shoot a wild guess here, you probably hate loathe Mondays, and that is totally understandable. You start working again on Mondays, and you probably have tons of stuff to do, and meetings to attend to during Mondays, so it’s okay to hate it.

But if you’re Alexander I of Yugoslavia, you’d probably hate Tuesday the most.

Who is Alexander I?

For a bit of a background, Alexander I ( (Aleksandar I Karađorđević) , who was known as Alexander the Unifier has served as Yugoslavia’s prince regent and later, King for the majority of the late 1910s to the early 1920s. He replaced his brother – who, after accidentally killing a servant, renounced his birthright.

Alexander fought through the Balkan Wars, and the World War I. But what marked Alexander’s reign is that he abolished and changed the constitution in 1931 and appointed himself as the King of Yugoslavia.

In 1932, Alexander was quoted in a conversation between himself and the Italian government for which he said,

If you want to have serious riots in Yugoslavia or cause a regime change, you need to kill me. Shoot at me and be sure you have finished me off, because that’s the only way to make changes in Yugoslavia.


And why does he hate Tuesday so much?

There is a sound reason why Alexander I didn’t like Tuesday, and it involves family. In the past years, Alexander has lost three of his loved ones on a Tuesday, which led him to be a bit superstitious and saw the day as some sort of curse for him.

He refused to take audiences on a Tuesday, he even avoided going out to the public on Tuesdays. (I mean, if all of my friends die on a Friday, I’d probably stop going out on Fridays too. You’d never want to play a dangerous game with the grim reaper, do you?).

But on October 9, 1934, Alexander was forced to appear on public. He traveled to Marseilles as a part of a state visit to strengthen the ties of two nations. And while Alexander was slowly driven in a car, waving to the crowed that welcomed him and the French Foreign Minister Louis Barthou, a gunman who came by the name Vlado Černozemski stepped from the street, pointed his Mauser C96 semiautomatic pistol to the King, and shot him twice. Alexander died in the car, with his eyes wide open. It was Tuesday.






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