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[TDIH]: The Bonnie and Clyde Death Story will Make You Believe in Love

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Today in History: On this day in 1934, the Texas and Louisiana state police kill criminals Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

The two formed connections when they were 19 year old when Bonnie’s husband was serving jail time for the crime of murder. Not long after this meeting, Clyde was sent to jail for robbery and Bonnie aid her a visit every day. She was also the one who tried to smuggle a gun into prison to help Clyde escape which he did but was again caught in Ohio and was returned to jail.

In 1932, Clyde was set free in form parole and did hooked up with Bonnie and became a couple, both in love and in crime. (Sorry, Clyde was pretty excited).

Bonnie and Clyde became notorious for robberies. Soon enough, Parker was caught and sent to jail for two months, but after she was released, she immediately reunited with Clyde.

For almost two years, the couple connived with different robbers in raiding banks and stores over Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico, and Louisiana (talk about being everywhere). 

They tandem, together with their accomplices gained a cold-blooded reputation within the police. According to authorities, they won’t hesitate to kill anyone who gets in their way. The public, however, thought differently as they were viewed as a romantic version of Robin Hood.

Bonnie being a woman contributed to this amazement (so being a criminal is for guys only? Wow that’s sexist 1930s Americans. Feminists will grill you. Mark my words). It also added the the tandem posed for a couple of playful photos together for the police and the media’s enjoyment.


Many times, the police almost caught the duo. Once in the spring of 1933, using surprise raids on their hideouts in Joplin and Platte City, Missouri (where Buck, Clyde’s brother who was with their gang, was killed). In their second attempt, they caught another gang member, and Clyde’s childhood friend Raymond Hamilton was arrested . The police, however, were unsuccessful in capturing Bonnie and Clyde.

And because are good to be friends with, they tried to break Hamilton out of a jail in Texas, which they did by shooting several guards using a machine gun.

Say what ever you say about these two, but they have guts!

The Texan prison, in response to Bonnie and Clyde, did a something-that-you-only-see-in-the-movies kind of action. They asked a Texas Police officer out of retirement to track them down. And after three months of searching, Captain Frank Hamer traced them to Lousiana.

Before dawn came on the 23rd of May 1934, Hamer and his team hid in the bushes along the country road, waited for Bonnie and Clyde to appear, and opened fire, bearing holes into the lifeless bodies of the couples in crime.

And although the Barrow gang was deemed responsible for the deaths of 13 people, Bonnie and Clyde are still seen as romantic figures, often subject for movies. Proof that love, no matter how vile it may look to others, exists.

A love story much, much better than Twilight. 






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