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Niccolo Paganini: World’s Greatest Violinist and Rumored Satanist

Italian Niccolo Paganini is branded as the greatest violinist of all time, given that no other soloist existed to hand the instrument close to how brilliant he does. Corresponding this excellence are numerous rumors about the source of his bewildering talent. He was regarded as the “devil’s son”, the “witch’s brat” and a devil worshipper. Succinctly, audiences thought that his soul was traded to the devil to carry out these supernatural violin techniques. Read More

8 Amazing Message in a Bottle Facts You Don’t Know

Did you know that in the 16th century, the English Navy used bottled messages to relay information about enemy positions. Queen Elizabeth I even created an official position for people to who open the bottles. They were called Uncorker of Ocean Bottles, and in the event someone else opened the bottles, they will be executed.

That is just one of the many amazing message in a bottle facts you will learn today. So keep reading!

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